2019 Project Life | Week 07

I tried to mix in reds and pinks this week with it being Valentine's but ended up with pinks and purples instead. Oh well.

Week 7 found me traveling up to Boston again for another interview with the transplant team. Initially we had scheduled for Wednesday morning so I hopped on the train for the hour long trip. Half way there I checked my email and discovered that the interview had to be rescheduled. So I ended up heading into South Station, grabbed a coffee at Starbucks and got right back on the train to head home. It gave me time to get caught up on my reading.

So glad to see The Hundred-Foot Journey pop up on Netflix. I remember wanting to see it when I came out in the theaters but got busy and didn't make it. I love Helen Mirren and this movie was really good.

We also *finally* received some snow. Not a whole lot, but still. Alpha stickers are from an old Studio Calico kit. 

I've always wanted super curly hair so this Snapchat filter was perfect! Rick got me a box of chocolates for Valentine's but unfortunately it didn't come with the little description card so I ended up shoving my finger in the middle of each one to make sure it didn't have any nuts. 

Finished Sweet Little Lies and happy to hear that Caz has a new book coming out in July.

Still incorporating the journaling cards from In A Creative Bubble. Love, love, love Geralyn's style.

We started moving the shop into the spare room and managed to get about half of it out on Saturday with the help of the boys. After filling up the kitchen (and still haven't cleared out the spare room), we decided that maybe we should rent a storage unit instead. A quick stop by Five Guys before taking Mason home.

It still amazes me how much we managed to cram into the shop and still be able to work around everything.

Also, please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks about the candy paper dots when they see they enamel ones.

Happy crafting!

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