2019 Project Life | Week 05

As you can see, I took all of ONE photo last week. Even so, I'm pretty happy with how the spread turned out. 

There was also a lot of Netflix happening. If you guys haven't seen Fyre yet, and think your life is an absolute shit show, watch it. You'll feel so much better. Trust me. Also, Ellen's Relatable is hilarious.

My dad and I had breakfast one morning at diner nearby so I added a photo of the counter and added some yellow alphas. (I'm sloooowly using up my alpha stash - and swapping the rest away on Swap-bot.)

That Be A Nice Human card was a perfect touch next to the Ellen card. She always ends her show telling everyone to be nice to each other so I figured I'd add it to the layout.

I know I've mentioned it in past posts, but Google is your friend when it comes to book covers, movie posters, etc. Right click, save, print. Easy peasy.

I'm still using journaling cards from In A Creative Bubble for all of my layouts. I've been eyeing some of Geralyn's travel items for my PNW 3x8 album. 

Happy Little Moments: getting my Book of The Month box in the mail every month. I'm almost caught up on past books. And I can't wait because February's book looks amazing!

Another In A Creative Bubble journal card. And I finally got to use the Hey Girl Hey card.

Dumplin was SO good. *I might have cried a little* The Prove Them Wrong sticker was perfect.

While the rest of the US was dealing with the polar vortex, we only saw temps in the teens. And still haven't seen much snow. I'm still waiting. 

Sidenote: Dafont.com is a great resource for FREE fonts. It's broken down by style and even lets you preview your text before downloading.

Hope you guys have a great week & Happy Valentine's!

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