2019 Project Life | Week 04

Just when I think a certain week's layout is my favorite, I complete the next. (Side note: I watched a LOT of shows this week.) I've really been digging deep into my stash and it surprises me when I go to identify the kit I'm using and it's from 6 years ago. SIX years ago, people. That's a good stash.

If you haven't watched You on Netflix (and you like series about stalkers),  then you should definitely put it on your list. Penn is PERFECT for this role and I can't wait for Season 2. Also, Season 3 of True Detective is out and it's really good so far.

Look at all of those matchy matchy coordinating colors. Makes my heart sing.

This week saw me heading up to Boston for an interview for a Practice Specialist position with the Kidney Transplant Team. Fingers (and everything else) crossed. Like twice. Also, spent the better half of dinner taking silly snaps of Lilly while she made goofy faces. This was one of the better ones. I love you, Snapchat!

Gold geometric accents for the win!

I still have quite a few of those Summit die cuts left over. Hopefully we'll be taking the kids north to go tubing and I'll get to incorporate them into that week's layout. Here's the breakdown:

All this extra free time = lots of times for crafts. I created another batch of Harry Potter ornaments (DIY post coming soon) and started repurposing a GIANT canvas that I've had laying around (top middle). Now that I have those colors on it, I don't like it. So I'll be heading off to Michael's to pick up some more paint. Maybe something a little moody.

That top pink card is one of the old rounded corner Project Life cards that I squared up and glued to a larger piece of cardstock. You can see that post here. Also, hello gangsta kitten. I was just talking to my cousin about how we'd all like lashes as long as the ones in our Snapchat filters :)

The Sorry Not Sorry card is another rounded corner one I squared up. I believe the paper behind it is an old patterned paper that I picked up at Michael's. (Side note: if you guys like a good detective series, try Shetland. Seasons 1 - 3 are on Netflix. You can find season 4 on iTunes and season 5 is being released soon on BBC One - which I don't have. Boo.)

Wrapped up Snowbound by Blake Crouch so I added the cover to one of the pockets. I've had a lot of people ask if I photograph the cover myself. I do not. Most movies & book cover photos are found by just Googling it. I save it, then crop it to size and print.

So excited for my HP tree!!! (and it's only February.)

And I recently discovered Heavy by Powers (it was on one of the You episodes). It's a GREAT dance song. Or you know, one to clean the house to. You can find it on iTunes or wherever you download your music.

Here's the right side breakdown:

And if anyone knows what the hell is going on with Studio Calico's website (no more being able to add to your projects, no SC blog, no member gallery - are they possibly finally going out of business?), please leave a comment. I'm clueless.

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