Harry Potter Tree | House Ornaments

These super easy, kinda quick Harry Potter house ornaments are a breeze to put together and you only need two things: cardstock + clear ornaments.

Michael's (or wherever you get your craft supplies) always has these clear ornaments around the holidays. I chose the plastic ones because, kids. 

For these you'll need cardstock in red, yellow, green, blue and black. I used my paper cutter to trim them to 1/4" thick, cut them into 6" sections and then wound each strip around a small wooden dowel. A pen or a pencil would work just as well too. 

Once you have your curled strips (I used 4 of each color), pop the top off of your ornament and slide the strips in. Replace the cap and they're ready to hang!

The only thing I worry about is the paper uncurling over time. But I could easily cut more strips if I needed to. I'm super happy with how these turned out and can't wait for December!

For those of you who are new here, I've decided to set up a Harry Potter themed tree in addition to my regular Christmas tree this year. This post will be one in a series of DIY Harry Potter ornaments that I have planned throughout the year.

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