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Hooray for day trips! Amanda and I made plans to head up to Salem for the day earlier this month and I knew it was an experience I wanted to document. It was my first time in Salem and definitely could have been a two day visit.

I had an old Simple Stories 6 x 8 album kicking around so I grabbed that, some page protectors, pocket cards & embellishments.

For the first 3 x 8 page protector I used a couple of the Duly Noted Journaling Cards from In A Creative Bubble. They worked perfectly for this trip!

One thing I always do when I'm out and about is bring a zippered pouch with me to keep all of the ephemera I collect on my adventure. I snagged the raven postcard in the gift shop at the House of Seven Gables and into the pouch it went.  

The puffy stars are from an old Studio Calico kit and I added one to each section.

The back of the postcard could've held some journaling about the trip, but I added the photo of the turkey to it instead. 

Don't forget to save your admission stickers! That went into the zippered pouch along with the postcard. I snapped a photo of the entrance to the gift shop & a little stuffed pumpkin skeleton.
The We Are Here stamp is from the Official Record stamp set from Everyday Explorers Co.

Gobble Gobble!
We actually have a 3 minute video of us pulling up to it in the parking lot and trying to convince it to come home with us. He didn't. He was waiting on his lady friend. 

The House of Seven Gables was a pretty neat experience. Our guide was super knowledgeable. We we're allowed to take any photos in the house so I made sure to snap plenty of the outside + grounds. I grabbed a guide + map to include in my album. It did have to be cut down a little bit to fit but thankfully didn't crop any text on the inside.   

Green card is from an old Kelly Purkey kit & the stamps are from Everyday Explorers Co.

Hooray for full size photos!

I didn't want to add too much to the photo so I just stuck a small yellow sticker from Studio Calico in the upper right corner. Done and done.

Don't forget to hang on to printed bags to add to your albums! I simply trimmed it down to size and stuck it in the page protector.

Once we got done with the tour we were pretty hungry so we started making our way downtown. I love all of the old buildings and everyone was all decked out in Autumn decorations. I have a photo of Amanda and I standing in front of the Home for Aged Women. Fitting.

Who knew cabbage could be so lovely? :)

Another thing I love adding to albums is restaurant/brewery coasters. I didn't want to punch through this one so I used my Tiny Attacher and stapled it into the pocket.

Porters + grilled chesse + queso fries. Gimme all the food! Beerworks was very crowded as it was October in Salem of all places, but we managed to steal two seats at the bar. Nice atmosphere. It was super busy but the service was spot on and our bartender was very attentive.

After lunch we started walking over to the Witch Museum but the line was ridiculously long so we strolled through the Commons and ended up over at Ye Olde Pepper Companie. Hello, sweet tooth!

Another crowded place. I would've liked to have spent more time browsing but there was just too many people cramped inside. I did manage to score some Black Jacks & English Toffee so it wasn't a complete bust.
Side note: Black Jacks are amazing!

There's an art installation on the way home and nearby are all these HUGE murals. Like building size. Giant. We parked my car in an empty lot and walked down the street taking photos of them all.

If you're in Salem, I highly recommend checking out some of the spots we went to. I'd like to go back in the Spring or even in early September before it gets super crowded around Halloween.


Salem, MA
House of Seven Gables
Ye Old Pepper Companie
Punto Urban Art Museum

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Ali Edwards

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