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I'm almost ashamed to tell you guys how many notebooks I have. Spiral bound, disc systems, Traveler's Notebooks, Moleskins, you name it. (I might have a whole giant Rubbermaid bin full.) I didn't need anymore. But for these new Explorer Journals, I made an exception.

There are SIX new notebooks with this release in a variety of layout designs. You'll be able to find one to use for your next project with no problems. Here's a breakdown.

I'm using this style to document my book reviews. I love them because I can showcase a photo of the book cover up top and use the bottom section for the review. Definitely gonna need a few more of these bad boys. (My first one is almost filled up already!)

The second TN in the line up I'll be using to document my Day Zero Project. I've started going in and adding all of my goals to the top section of each page. As I complete them, I can add journaling or photos below. Love that this little guy will be with me the next 3.5 years!

I'm still undecided as to what to do with this one. I think it would be neat to document a Week In The Life with. Or maybe a long trip. (There's a time strip on the left page with a dot grid. The whole right page is a dot grid.)

 One of my goals is to try 100 different recipes and I'll be using this notebook to document each meal. The blank space will hold a photo of the meal, with journaling underneath.

 Another notebook that I think would work fabulous to document a trip. You could add your itinerary on the left and journal or add photos & ephemera on the right. I'll definitely be bringing this on my next trip!

I've already started doodling in this one as it's PERFECT for designing TN layouts. I can fit two layouts per page (top/bottom) Whenever I see a design element or layout design I'd like to try I've been drawing them out on Post-it notes. Now I can collect them all in one place!

You can check out the rest of the October releases here (including the new Let's Be Explorers Undated Planner!)

Happy crafting!

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