5K a Day | November

The holidays aren't particularly kind to people, in a physical and mental sense so I thought I'd start a little thing called 5K a Day | November. It's exactly what it says, 5K a day for every day in the month of November. You can walk, run, trot or meander. Just get those steps in. Not only will it help keep some of the pounds off, but it will get those endorphins flowing. And who doesn't like to feel better?

Initially I wanted to set it up using the Challenges app through Apple but then I realized not everyone has an Apple Watch, so I'll also be tracking it through the Nike Run Club app as well.

If this is something you'd like to join me in, you can find me two ways:

* Using the Challenges, search for the 5K a Day challenge (there might be a few as the first few times it wouldnt give me an invite code and once you create a challenge, it won't let you delete it.) You can use the invite code xfvb to join. I've already set up the first team but feel free to add more if needed.

* Using the Nike Run Club app, you can add me as a friend and I can invite you to the challenge.

The Nike Run Club app will track your actual mileage while the Challenges app just wants you to close your rings. If you are using the Challenges app, you will need to go in and make sure your move goal is set high enough to get your 5K (3.10 miles).

Obviously we all have different stride lengths but a good measure is 7,000 steps for walking and 5,300 for running. You can calculate roughly how many calories you'll need to burn from that.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

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