Week In The Life | 2020 | Monday

Happy Week in the Life 2020!
I'm super excited because one, I have my new printer and am actually able to participate and two, it's my birthday week. Huzzah!

For this week I purchased the WITL Album bundle + the Mini kit from Ali Edwards. The album bundle is sold out but you can still find the kit along with other WITL goodies. 

I've set my album up so that each day has the same layout.

The fly page is my Reason Why printed on vellum. I used a digital 4x6 card along with the WITL digital stamp.

Then each day goes as follows:

+ plastic day divider
+ full size photo
+ daily photo grid & journaling
+ 3 pockets
+ 3 pockets
+ 4 pockets
+ 4 pockets

I love all of the designs on the plastic page dividers. For today it's a bunch of white crosses.

My new normal: tea + jammie pants. And lots of plants.

For my full page photo, I created a rectangle in PSE, adjusted the opacity and added the Monday stamp from Ali's 2017 WITL digital kit. A chipboard piece from this year's kit finished the page.

The colors in this kit are spot on. I wasn't sure about them at first but now that I have them in my album, I love them.

For the back of my full page photo, I used one of Shannan's 6x8 Stories Templates. I knew I wanted to be able to add some 2x2 photos but didn't think I'd have enough stuff to fill a 2x2 pocket page. Each day will have 4 photos, the weather, a top story of the day, the best thing that happened along with what we had for dinner. (Here's looking at you, foodies.)

For each day I'll also use the daily 4x6 card included in the kit for journaling about that day. 
The font used is American Typewriter and you can find it as a free download.

There won't be a whole lot of journaling in my album, other than the daily card and on the grid template. Most of my days look the same. Get up, make tea, plan for the day/week, work, read/play games on my phone, dinner and bed. 

Get to Work Book is my all time favorite planner. I use it for personal, business, the kids and my creative team requirements. The top right photo is a screenshot from a game I play on my phone called Covet. (Addicted.)

The Currents card is from In A Creative Bubble's Recorded Journaling Cards No. 3. Also, hooray for bagels from Panera!

My first little flip up card in the album. I used it to document my current book situation. Not sure how many I'll include but I like to have little interactive bits in my album. I printed the three cards, cut them out and then used some washi tape to adhere them together. The Bookworm card is also from IACB's Read Journaling Cards. Anyone else have a TBR pile a mile high?

To finish off the day I included a photo of the sink (because I felt like I was in the kitchen ALL day) and another of all of the ingredients for Rick's version of Dalgona Coffee. (Think chocolate milk with whipped coffee.) The round die cut is from another of IACB releases that came out today. The collection is called Stay Home Elements and is filled with lots of fun stuff. 

How else did everyone do on their Monday? Feel free to share your link below!

Happy Scrapping :)

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  1. Love, love, love this!!! Can't wait to see your Tuesday!