Project Life 2020 | Week 27

Man, what a weekend. It had been a while since we had gone camping so way back in January I booked our favorite campsite for July 4th weekend. We had Friday off for the holiday so I requested off for Monday as well. We ordered a new *giant* tent, went shopping for groceries, picked up some new headlamps and packed up. I had been keeping my eye on the weather all week and when Friday dawned it was drizzling. Not exactly what you want to see when you're heading out to camp in the woods for 3 nights. By the time we loaded everything and got on the road the sky had lightened. I kept my fingers crossed.

Dry River Campground in Crawford Notch is my ideal campground. Clean bathrooms, super friendly (and helpful!) park rangers, plenty of trails to explore and the Saco is right across the street. Also, no cell service. It's perfect. Once we got the tent set up and car unpacked we set out on the trail down to the river and spent some time exploring all the rocks and little pools. The kids loved it.

Studio Calico had their $1 digital sale so I scooped up a bunch of new designs and used them for this spread. I wanted this week to focus on the camping trip only and knew I was going to have a bunch of photos + ephemera to put in. The 4x4 pockets worked great so I added in two sheets which gave me an additional 12 pockets to add stuff to.

After raiding my stash, I grabbed the Out & About cards (sadly sold out but the digital kit is still available) from Studio Calico and some journaling cards from In A Creative Bubble and went to town. During the weekend I made sure to take some square photos for my pockets. 

Ferns. I must have taken 100 photos of them.Yep, crazy plant lady. This stamp was an overlay from the Expedition 6x8 Digital Stamp Born To Wander set.

I always try to take photos of the "extra stuff": campground postings, campsite markers, the campground sign, etc. It adds a fun detail dimension to the layout.

I also make sure to hit up the local country store and grab some brochures (maps are a plus!) and I'll buy some stickers, patches, and postcards as well. They're a great addition. Part of the AT runs just north of the campground so I added the patch to one of the 4x6 cards that I cut down. The Eat Sleep Camp Repeat is from the Great Escape Digital 6x8 Camping Stamp and the little mountain on top is another from the Born to Wander set.

Nothing like a bright red poster warning us that we're in Bear Country! After spending a summer on the Katmai in Alaska where we had bears running through camp on the regular, this doesn't phase me in the slightest. Each day the rangers also add the current weather conditions on Mt. Washington. I snapped a photo but didn't add it to the layout this time.

I'm super thankful there was a Walmart about 35 minutes away because Sunday was the perfect time to do some floating. The Saco went from about ankle to waist deep where we were and there was a lovely little gravel bar just around the bend so we packed up some drinks, snacks and our floats and headed down river to hang out for the day. We had so much fun. The water was chilly but we got used to it pretty quickly.

The top photo of Lilly and Rick is one of my favorites. The chipboard pieces are from the June 2018 Expedition Documenter kit from Studio Calico. 

This trip was all about relaxation. I think we nailed it.

It's kind of hard to see but the water was crystal clear. Even at deeper spots you could see all the way to the bottom.

Just realized that my camera focused on the album rings, rather than the photos. Oh well. The top photo is from the river that runs on the back side of the campground. Most of it was fairly shallow but it's very quick moving. We taught the kids all about water safety here. For the map, I just cut down to a 4x4, added a little yellow star to mark the campground and called it a day. Lilly found this mini dino on the picnic bench so we wiped him off and named him Jerry. Apparently he now has to accompany us on ALL of our camping trips from now on. 

I love you, White Mountains!

Jerry the Parasaurolophus.

The two extra pages worked out well because I was having a hard time narrowing down photos. This layout is the first week in my second Project Life album of the year. January through June is done and it's not super full so I feel ok adding in some extra pages here and there in this album.

Lots of S'mores and more exploring. We went north a little bit and checked out Silver and Flume Cascade. It's amazing to think how much water comes out of these mountains. 

The Around the Campfire is another stamp from the Great Escape set.

This stamp is from the Bookish Digital Choose Adventure set. There's so many great digital files from Studio Calico and I might have went a little crazy during their $1 sale.

So, funny story about that tote full of food. And I say funny because I can laugh about it now. Yeah, it got left at home. 2 hours from the campground. And we didn't realize until late Friday when I was organizing the food. Total facepalm. I was so mad at myself. But we ended up heading north and found a little country store so we stocked up on overpriced essentials. Guess who will never make that mistake again?

After floating all day Sunday, we drove up the road and found a sub shop and since we were all starving we ordered some meals to bring back to the campground. One of the containers was accidentally left out all night and we had a trash panda very politely help himself to some leftover spaghetti. Other than the open container, a few strands on the ground and some wet footprints we never would've known he was there. Very stealthy. The Wild at Heart stamp is from the Great Escape Digital 6x8 Mountain set. I also added a hilarious (at the time) quote from Lilly. It's printed on some vellum I ordered but I have a feeling I picked up the wrong kind, because it didn't print that well. I trimmed it down and stuck it in front of another card.

Whew. Well that wraps up this week's Project Life spread. I had so much fun putting this together. I'm actually camping right now (hooray for scheduled posts) and I have another trip scheduled next weekend as well. So be prepared for some camping photo overload! Hope you enjoyed it.

Happy scrapping!

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