Project Life 2020 | Week 26

Happy Week 26! Anyone else allergic to pine pollen? Seriously going to buy stock in Zyrtec. Anywho, let's take a look at this week's spread.

Still loving the 6x12 size and I wish there were more brands that carried this size album. Heck, I wish more brand carried albums. Not just plain but stripes, dots, florals, geometric, etc. 

As usual, I added in some cards from In A Creative Bubble. Other than that it was just photos and some chipboard pieces and colored alpha.

It's not a great photo but my black car has a lovely yellow-green sheen to it from all of the pollen. *sneeze*

Lots of flower photos lately because I LOVE fresh cut flowers in the house. They definitely make me happy.

I don't drink a lot of beer but saw this Brick Red from Sam Adams and had to give it a go. Pretty tasty.

Hope everyone is having a great summer and is pollen free!

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