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Happy Saturday - and Happy Day In The Life!

I'm getting by back cracked this morning, running some errands and then hopefully getting some craft time in this afternoon. Here's some fun stuff I found this past week.

* We're doing Turkey Day over at our house again this year and I'm trying to find something to wear other than just staying in my jammies all day. Found this super cute (and cheap) skirt on Amazon. It might make an appearance in my wardrobe.

* You can find these Copycat Starbucks Pumpkins Scones recipe here. Delicious.

* Don't forget tomorrow is the last day to enter my December Daily supplies giveaway. You can learn more (and see all the goodies) here

* One thing I want to start working on is my handwriting. Too much time spent in the medical field and it's gotten kind of sloppy. I found the Lettering Your Way class by Christine Herrin over at Big Picture Classes that I think I'm going to give a try. I'll keep you guys posted!

*And finally, I will get there someday. (You can also find Elina on IG here.)

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