Holiday Gift Guides | Coffee + Tea

Hey, hey. I'm back with another gift guide for all of your coffee and tea lovers. And I mean, who isn't? Here's some of my most favorite items that I would be super excited to receive as a gift.

I'm a firm believer that everyone needs a French Press. Coffee tastes exponentially better with one. The Bodum press is very well made (I've had mine for close to 12 years now.)

If you have a tea lover on your gift list, give them the variety of the advent calendar from David's Tea. It comes with 24 loose blends in resealable bags.

Sure you could spend twice the amount for a Yeti, but these Rtic tumblers work just as well. I mostly use them for my cold drinks and many times have had ice left over from the day before.

This handy little carafe not only makes the best cold brew, but you can use it to make iced tea as well. Pop a few bags in, add some hot water and let steep for a few hours. Boom. Iced tea. Also, all parts disassemble for easy cleaning.
Looking for something a little different? This cinnamon tea is perfect for warming up on a chilly winter day. (It's awesome iced as well!)

My go-to espresso. Bold + smooth. Perfection.

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