2019 Project Life | Week 29

Week 29 was ALL about HBO Go. For some reason, I haven't finished any books at all this month. Some times I just go through phases where I just stop reading. So I filled up my time commuting with movies and a mini series.

I love how the color combos worked out this week. Lots of white/black and pops of color. That makes my heart happy.

I watched The Nun on my way to work (and on the way home) and wasn't sure what all the hype was about. I guess I don't scare easily :) Also, chips & queso from Qdoba for the win!

There is a serving size bowl downstairs near the elevator and it's always filled with things. Rick and I joke about it all the time. First it was apples. Then individual packets of oatmeal. Then came the weird things, like packets of jelly and butter cups. LMAO. Who is doing this? We joked about bringing down all of our leftover packets of hot sauce from Taco Bell. Man, people are weird.

Also, 40 = mammograms. It wasn't that bad.

There is a two part documentary on HBO about the Michelle Carter case. I can't imagine anyone living in the US hasn't heard of the case, but if you haven't, Google it. Then watch the documentary. It's absolutely heartbreaking. Conrad used to live in the next town over and I remember very clearly how we were all stunned at what happened. Definitely worth a watch if you have teens.

Just realized this week was all about the food too. 

And speaking of #fatkidstatus, we cannot handle hot weather. Nope. Just not happening. I'm ready for 40 degree weather, jeans, sweatshirts and my Uggs. And a salted caramel latte. Does that make me basic? Maybe, but at least I won't be sweating my ass off.

Crimes of Grindelwald, I felt, was not as good as the first one.
Tommy from Bad Wolves liked my comment #fangirling
Lychee + Boba = belly ache. But at least the egg roll was good.

I kinda feel like Josh Gates in this viking Snapchat filter. With a longer beard. Just sayin.

Happy to say I'll be working from home soon and I. Cannot. Wait!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Happy crafting!

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