2019 Project Life | Week 28

This week's layout came together super fast. Only a few photos, but I think it worked out okay.

We made homemade crunchwrap supremes with the kids. They are SO good. You can find the recipe from Pinch of Yum here. Lilly lost a tooth and left a message for the Toothy Fairy on our dry erase board.

Crunchwrap goodness.

I love how the top left card came together. The base is an old Studio Calico card. The cactus circle actually showed up in one of my swaps I did a few months ago and the heart button is also an older SC kit component (I think)

This card. It gets me.

Have you guys tried Grove yet? Their customer service is amazing and I always get a little handwritten thank you note on the outside of the box in Sharpie. It's something that takes no time at all to do but it definitely makes a difference. Not to mention their product selection is damn good too. 

Finally bit the bullet and decided to order my first ever prescription sunglasses. Have no clue what took me so long. Thank you, Warby Parker!

The Gifted School was one of my BOTM picks. I started reading it and while it's more of a slow read, I'm enjoying it so far.

The Oh Gosh card was a perfect response to the Chernobyl mini series on HBO. The meltdown happened when I was little and I don't remember learning much about it in school. The mini series was really good and had an awesome cast. I definitely recommend it! You can find more info about it here.

Hope you are all having a fabulous (and not so hot) weekend!

Happy Crafting!

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