2019 Project Life | Week 03

This is one of my favorite layouts! I love all of the colors and how everything just blends. And hey, week 3 in the books. Go me.

I downloaded another of Geralyn's Journaling Card packs and I LOVE it! It's linked below :)

If you follow me on IG, you've seen the post about the Harry Potter Christmas tree this year. I've been wanting to make one for a while and am finally biting the bullet and doing it. I figured maybe 10 ornaments a month should give me enough to decorate a 4' tree. #hpforthewin

Starbucks pit stop. Duh. (Also, apparently this card is biodegradable!)

Oh man, can Mer and Deluca just hurry up and get together already? I'm sorry, but I just don't like Link. Also, Patriots are going to the Super Bowl!!!

I finished Maid this week (super quick read - it was good) and finally got around to watching Shape of Water. (Awesome cast!)

The I Like Pretty Things card was a rounded corner card that got chopped down and glued to some paper I picked up at Michaels. I wish I would've gotten more. You can see my post about chopping those old rounded corned SC cards here.

See that card? LOVE. Solid love. I started a Pinterest board called New Spaces for pretty much everything I want for our new apartment/house. Think IKEA, Create + Barrel, World Market, Home Goods, Pier One. 

Happy Scrapping!

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