$20 IKEA Hack | Gold Accent Jade Pot

I took a trip to IKEA a few weeks ago and scooped up a jade plant, a new pot and grabbed a small pack of "sea glass" from Christmas Tree Shop. (Surprisingly IKEA didn't have any.)

I knew I wanted to spruce the pot up a little bit and lately I've been keen on gold accent everything. Since we'll be moving soon, I've been wanting to use up (mostly throw out) craft supplies that have been laying around. Enter the metallic gold paint leftover from some craft last year. You could easily use gold spray paint as well.

These glass nuggets are pretty good sized. If you don't live near a Christmas Tree Shop, you can find similar ones on Amazon.

A little goes a long way with this pot. I started off with a very thin layer and worked my way around, alternating brush strokes. (First layer - up and down, second layer - horizontal strokes, and so on) I feel like it covered better that way and was less streaky. 

There was way too many of the glass nuggets so I used some for on top of the jade plant as well.

This is one layer of the gold paint. Just the right amount of shimmer.

And since we're getting fancy, I decided to paint the top rim as well. This took a little bit of patience as the paint seemed like it didn't want to stick for some reason.

Unfortunately this pot didn't come with a drainage hole so I made sure to add two layers of the glass so the plant won't be sitting in water. I'll take the inner pot out and place the jade plant in the sink to water, then place back into the outer pot once the majority of the water has drained out.

And tah dah! The finished product. Super happy with how it turned out. Now I'm traipsing around the house to see what else I can paint gold.


Sea Glass from Christmas Tree Shop $1.69
or similar

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