Project Life 2021 | Week 15


Hello, week 15. Anyone else feel like it was eons ago? Yeah, me too.

For this week I rummaged around and found some cards from Ali's Pieces Story Kit so I decided to use those. Most I like sticking to bright colors but I love the muted color palette on this one. 

Week 15 saw Jayda getting lots of snuggle time in the big bed, which is a treat for her. I wouldn't mind her sleeping with us but she's got some health issues which cause her to sometimes poop in her sleep. So yeah, no sleeping in bed with us. Also, emotional support M&M's for the win. 

My silversmithing supplies are slowly being delivered and I'm getting so excited. SO excited you guys! I can't wait to get started. My Thanksgiving cacti are having some sort of identity crisis and are blooming 5 months late. 

The Story cards originally had a colored background so I changed them to white, added my text and printed them out along with my photos.

We're getting fancy around here and drinking iced drinks out of Mason jars. And playing lots of Animal Crossing. Any other ACNH players? Hit me up! Let's be game friends!

Happy Scrapping!

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