2019 Project Life | Week 19

Ice cream, bagels, pizza, tacos, Starbucks and a roast chicken dinner. This week was ALL about food.

Rick and I enjoyed out first cone of the season from Acushnet Creamery. Coffee Cookie Dough. It was delicious.

Chicken and spinach pizza with Alfredo sauce. Trust me, it's amazing. The illustrated houses card & documented chipboard piece are from Studio Calico.

I've been banging out ornaments & garlands for my Harry Potter Christmas tree. The top left photo is some garland I made from and old book. DIY post coming soon! Also, Panera needs some help with cutting bagels. *facepalm* OMG True Story card is from In A Creative Bubble.

Been hoarding that 5 card FOREVER. It's from an old Documenter kit.

Love all the pops of red/magenta. And the yes card tied in nicely with the black 5 card from the other side. All about balance.

Of course I had to add a photo of Archie + fam. What can I say? My Nana was from London.

Fun story: we have a Starbucks and Mirasol's Cafe within spitting distance of each other. Mirasol's had this super yummy I-could-drink-my-weight-in-it drink called a Chippi. It's like coffee milk, but with more coffee flavor and less milk. Kinda hard to explain. (They also sell it by the gallon.) Rick always gets a Javachip Frap when we go to Starbucks. So every time we go, he always says he wants a Chippi (frap, not actual Chippi from Mirasol's) Cracks me up every time.


Album: 9x12 Studio Calico Color Theory Album - unavailable (SC, please bring these back!)
Cards: Studio Calico Documenter Kit (various), In A Creative Bubble Journaling Cards, various old cardstock

Happy weekend & happy crafting!

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