2019 Project Life | Week 18

Hooray for bright colors! And Week 18!

I'm so happy it's May. I start my new job on the 13th, Week In The Life Happens, my 40th birthday, creative team awesomeness and a family BBQ/Birthday party. Good times.

I'm still loving these cork month pieces that came in last year's SC Documenter kits. Gold glitter accents are my jam.

The MBTA ticket is from my Charlie Ticket reload. I always make sure I snag the receipt in case I want to add it to my layouts. Both the Super Excited About This & This Is Everything card are from In A Creative Bubble.

The coffee sleeve is from my new favorite coffee shop that just happens to make the best iced mocha I've ever had. 

We watched Infinity War the other night so I included the movie poster. Yes, I know I'm terribly behind on movies. Can't wait to see the new one.

Lilly had her birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's. Still a little shell shocked from that.

One great thing about out loft: giant windows. I snagged the top pic from the stairwell. It looks out into the parking lot & the Acushnet River. They're been working on getting the PCB's out of it so there's always a barge with equipment floating nearby.

Homemade pizza for breakfast? Yes, please. In my defense, I woke up around 11. So it was closer to lunch. Oh well. Captured card is another from In A Creative Bubble. Super happy with how this week came together. Love all the bright colors.


Here's the materials I used for this layout:

Album: 9x12 Studio Calico Color Theory Album - unavailable
Cards: Studio Calico Documenter Kit (various), In A Creative Bubble Journaling Cards, various old cardstock

Happy weekend & happy crafting!

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