Fit 2020 | February Set Up

Another month down! First, where did January go? Second, February is the new January. I bombed last month with my goals. I could use the excuse that we had too much going on, but the truth is, I just didn't push myself hard enough. And I am ok with that. Today is a new day and a new chance to start.

This is how I have my February pages set up, which is exactly how I had my January pages. I like patterns (and to keep things simple and easy.)

Let's take a look.

For Fit 2020 I'm using the class digitals along with the Reflections TN collection from Sahin Designs. I'll fill in the calendar with gym time, me time, etc as the month progresses.

Page three will have a full size photo of myself on the right and I'll add in my measurements on the card on the left.

My favorite page: the tracker! Each month I'm choosing 4 main things to focus on and those go on my tracker page. I've printed this out to fill in as the month goes by and then I'll go in and fill in the bubbles at the end of the month. Don't think I'll have any problems with these goals.

The next page has two cards from the Reflections kit, along with two cards from the class. On these I list smaller health and personal related goals I'd like to accomplish for the month.

So glad to be part of the Fit community!


If you're playing along, feel free to add your link below!

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