2019 Project Life | Week 14

Aaannnd we're in to April! And that means pollen season + allergy headaches. Can't wait.

Finally jumped on the bandwagon and started reading The Handmaid's Tale. Gotta be honest, it's taking me a long time to get into. Anyone else have that reaction?

Took the T into Boston again for another interview, at the Brigham this time. It went well and I've got my fingers (and everything else) crossed. I used my Charlie Ticket from the subway plus a SC die cut and glued them onto a patterned card.

The Faves journaling card is from In A Creative Bubble. Both book covers were snagged from a Google search.

I love collecting movie stubs, receipts, train tickets, business cards, menus, etc to include in my layouts.

I *might* have accidentally binged the first two seasons of Broadchurch (and started on the third.) It's SO good! I started watching it on Netflix while I was scrapbooking and next thing I know, I'm on to the next season. That ever happen to you guys? I swear I got sucked into some kind of time warp there for a bit.

Please note that I did NOT eat all of those hot dogs. The top two were mine. Also, if you're ever in the hood, Gary's Best Hot Dogs are pretty dang good and super cheap.

Finally snagged a photo of Mr. I Don't Like Having My Picture Taken while we were at the park flying kites. The cards are from #the100dayproject. Still going strong. I love this project!

We had a few eggs left in the fridge that were on the cusp of going bad so we hardboiled them and let the kids dye them. I had forgotten how messy dyeing eggs can be.

I'm super excited because I have a TON of new projects to share with you guys so stay tuned.

Happy crafting!

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