December daily 2017 | Days 4 - 6

Moving right along into days 4-6. I absolutely love how the photo of the tree came out. Heart eyes all around.

I stopped into my local Starbucks and they had the stockings hung for their employees so I snagged a shot of them. All other pieces are from past December Daily kits.

I wanted to take a quick photo of the tree but since it was dark my phone had trouble focusing. Going through my camera roll a little later, I spotted this one and instantly fell in love. I opened it in Photoshop, trimmed it down to size and printed it out. The Twinkle Twinkle is from a past DD kit as well.

I think this is one of my most favorite spreads. Except all of the typos. That I cringe about.

The only bad thing with Photoshop is that it doesn't alert you automatically to typos. And I was in such a rush to get this printed and in my album that I didn't even notice them until after. Oh well. :) For this page I took a photo of some ornaments I made, opened it in Photoshop and added some text around the photo. I also added the December Moments from this year's December Daily digital offerings. You can find it here.

I didn't add anything else from my initial foundation pages for this section.

Still not sure what I'll be adding to the mini envelope. Maybe a quick how-to for the ornaments.

After seeing what Ali did with the tags for the kids, I knew I wanted to that as well. I cut out 6 different tags (they're all about the same size) and glued one of the giant gold letters to each. For the back I cut out some plain white cardstock to fit and had each of the little kids write down what they would like for Christmas. Still waiting for everyone else to fill out theirs...

I love this paper pad I picked up at Michaels. It has the best colors. And llamas.

Mason's card is on the left and includes a hefty amount of Minecraft stuff. Lilly's in on the right and includes everything of everything.

Here's a look at all six. I punched a hole in the tops of them all and added some ribbon and string to each.

Not sure what I plan on doing with the back of the pocket. I may attach a full 6 x 8 photo or just leave it as is.

This spread feels a little half-assed to me. Not sure why.

We hung stockings at work for each of us so I knew I wanted to take a photo of that. I did some journaling as well. The Celebrate the Season is from In A Creative Bubble. You can find her holiday items here. For the top I added a Starbucks gift card (love the design & colors!) and also attached a string of mini plastic lights.

This page I also left as is, other than adhering that pesky round tag in the top corner.

And that's it for days 4-6. I'll have the next round of pages in a few days!

Feel free to leave a link in the comments of your own pages.

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