December Daily 2017 | Days 1 - 3

Repeat after me. I will not stress about this. I will not stress about this. I will not stress about this. Feel better? Good. Also, stop comparing your album to everyone else's. Your album will be perfect because it's yours. Let me also start off by saying this album is more of a December Daily/Project Life mashup than anything else. There are days (many) where I won't have any stories to tell. And I'm ok with that. And some of my stories won't have anything to do with Christmas. I'm ok with that too. So enough with the talk, here's my first few days!

I randomly walked around the house and took a few square photos of things like decorations, my Christmas Cactus and of course, my Starbucks cup. 

Hooray for Starbucks sleeves.

Friday was one of those days where I didn't really have much of a story to tell. It was pretty much like any other day. I took the day off to clean and organize the house, picked Nick up from school and we went to get something to eat. I did manage to dump 300+ headpins and a shitload of sequins onto my rug in my bedroom. It was no bueno trying to pick them all up. I'm still finding sequins all over the place!

I had to work Saturday until about noon. I got home and it was slow going getting the kids (and Rick) up and moving. The kids decided on IHOP for lunch. (It was horrible.) After that we just lounged around the house. The kids and Rick played video games and I unpacked my new 2018 Start Planner! It was an early Christmas present from Rick. Any man who buys you planner stuff is definitely a keeper. :) I also downloaded The Zig Zag Girl so I wanted to add that into my album as well.

I didn't add anything extra to this foundation page. Hooray for simplicity.

The two journaling cards came from In A Creative Bubble. You can find them here.

Sunday was full speed ahead ever since we got up. I made the kids pancakes and then we got ready to go to the zoo. Buttonwood was having a Cookies & Paws event where kids could decorate sugar cookies and also learn about some of the zoo's animal ambassadors.

Lilly's decorated cookies loaded with candies. The Festive & Fun card is another by In A Creative Bubble. You can find here holiday cards here.

I still love that wood veneer piece!

For the last page I switched up the 4 x 6 card that I originally had placed in there. After the zoo we drove downtown and had lunch at Freestone's. I always try to include a business card of new restaurants we try out. When we were leaving I snapped a photo of the cobblestone street that I used as a background for the velum ornaments.

And that's it for now! Feel free to leave your DD link in the comments :)

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