DIY Washi Storage Idea

Happy Thursday! I thought I'd do a quick post sharing how I store my ever growing stash of washi. I wanted something easy and also something where I could store all of it in one place. Initially I had used a wire basket but then that turned into two, then three. I could never see the washi at the bottom of the baskets so they didn't get used that much.

While I was out one day looking at embroidery floss I saw the flat plastic boxes and figured it would be perfect for keeping my washi organized. Plus, the box is see-through so double win.

For this project you will need:

Embroidery floss box (there's various sizes)
I keep all of my loose bobbins on a giant ring, which you can find here.

You can also find a box + bobbins set here.

I keep an extra box to store all of my washi that is too wide to fit on the bobbins. This box is almost full so I'll be starting another one soon. It took quite some time winding all of the washi around the bobbins. I suggest Netflix + a large cup of tea.

Happy Crafting!

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