DIY Happy Planner Sticker Book

I thought I'd pop on here today and share how to make a super easy, super quick Happy Planner sticker book. There must be a million different ways to create one but I wanted to use what I had on hand.


1" gold discs from Staples' Arc System
Set of 3 tabbed dividers from The Happy Planner
Leftover Happy Planner pages
Happy Planner sticker books
Glue or adhesive
Paper trimmer

I plan on using this primarily for the stickers I use in my social media planner so I went through all of my books and took out those individual sheets.  I also had some old unused pages that I removed from my planner. Using a glue stick, I adhered each sticker page to the planner page. If you line up the edge of the sticker sheet to the calendar lines, it works like a charm. Then a quick trim using your trimmer and you're done! 

Unfortunately I chose WAY too many sticker sheets so I could easily make 3 or 4 books. The best part of using a ring bound book is that you can easily take out the sticker sheets that are used up and add more.

Heart eye emojis all around.

You could easily use cardstock as the page base and use the Happy Planner punch but since I don't have one I figured using the old pages would work just as well.

Even though I'm using the dividers, I haven't quite grouped the stickers that well. Just trying to get them all in the book.

I did keep most of the phrases in the first section and might keep all of the boxes and arrows and such in the second part. Or maybe I'll just buy bigger rings and add ALL THE STICKERS!!!

This is SO much easier than carrying around all of the stickers books I have, and there are plenty!
Hope this inspires you to create your own sticker book!

Happy crafting!
And planning :)

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