Fit 2020 | January Set Up

I signed up again for Cathy Zielske's Fit class for 2020 and this year, I've decided to go digital. My printer is still on the fritz and doesn't want to print certain colors. Fun. So, digital it is. I'll be using the cards from the Fit 2020 kit, as well as the Reflections TN Collection from Sahin Designs. Still sticking with the 6x8 layout and will be sending it out at the end of the year to be printed into a soft-cover book. (There's a designated folder on my desktop where I'll keep all of my completed pages.)

If you're unfamiliar with Cathy, you can find here site here and her classes here. (Seriously, go check her out. She's funny and honest and I don't know why we're not friends IRL.)

For my first page (above), I used two 3x8 cards from the Reflections kit, along with the January card and the Fit 2020 logo from Cathy. I did change the color of the stripes on the January card to match the colors in the Reflections kit.

For the second page I added a full 6x8 calendar. I will add more icons as the month progresses that mark weigh-ins, workouts, etc. In the Notes section at the bottom I used an element from Reflections, plus the watercolor element from the new Hibernation Collection from Sahin Designs. A quick color change in Photoshop and done.

Page three has two cards from the Fit 2020 kit. I'll be adding my number into the card at the bottom, as well as a 3x8 photo of myself on the right. I'm definitely the type of person that needs to be able to see change in order for me to keep working towards a goal so I'll be including a photo every month.

This is my favorite page so far! I used the hexagon bubble tracker, along with the watercolor element, the arrow from the New Day Collection and some text to create my January goals page. (Fonts used: Frontage - top header & Raleway - main text) 

Page five includes the Personal & Health Priorities cards from the Fit 2020 class, as well as two 3x8 cards from the Reflections kit that I trimmed down to a 3x4. The New Beginnings element is from Reflections as well.


If you're playing along, feel free to add your link below!

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